Fluency in Music

Collaborate & Just Play

When you hear a tune you’ve not heard before, can you pick up your instrument and immediately play along? 

We’re creating virtual opportunities for musicians to come together, share with one another, gain insight from each other’s experiences, and simply, speak Music. If you’re interested, drop us a note and we’ll share our calendar of sessions. 

The Value of Improv

Being able to play without needing the dots, or having to have learned the piece ahead of time, requires fluency. 
Learning to speak Music fluently is most successfully achieved in the same way a new human acquires spoken language. The crazy thing is, we are all native Music speakers; it’s our first language. All of us. Some of us just got so focused on learning our second language (spoken word) that Music stepped back for a while.
Like our spoken languages, music is comprised of sounds, and we label those sounds just like we do in spoken language.
  • Music’s letters are tones. Tones are frequencies.
    When we bring those tones together in various combinations, we get words.
  • Words are harmonies. When we create a sequence of harmonies, we get a sentence. And when we string together sentences, phrases emerge.
    Phrases lead to paragraphs, expressions of a concept that contain relevant detail to bring understanding. Songs discover and share a concept, and weave details into understanding.
When we speak words, we have a need to communicate a thought. To share an understanding with another. When we speak music, we spin our stories into melody that shares our experiences of life with one another, across time and space. 

Interested in joining the conversation?


The language of melody, the sensuality of harmony, and the complexity of stories, coalescing in a pulse that resonates across all of time. Create.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons, In Person & Virtual

Children and Adults, Tailored, Individual Instruction ​

Sessions are provided in our studio, and via virtual connection

Beginning through advanced instruction, depending on instrument and style

Non-conventional instruction: Music is in everything in my world. I experience music as a language, universal and constant. My students tend to discover their own music, and develop the tools and skills they desire in order to create it. 

All ages welcome (yes, even little littles)
Because of how we play during our sessions, even toddlers have fun and learn 

~ I am available for in-person & remote sessions depending on the student and instrument. ~

Music is not an exclusive option for only a few, rather it is innately within each and every one of us. It is my desire to make the acquisition of the language of Music accessible to all; please do not allow financial resources or concepts of “status quo” to be an obstacle. Share with me your journey and hopes, and together we will discover your melodic tales.
Lessons are designed and tailored to each student and frequency is set by the student. Duration and content of each lesson is determined by the student’s flow and ease. 

Instruments offered:
Piano, Keys
Theory, the Structure of the Language of Music
Electronic Sequencing and DAW Production
Improv & Accompanimn