Consonance Studios


Fluency in Music

Where the only box – is the one in your hands, resonating with a pulse and breath, and a voice of its own

Language in Frequency

Music is a language. It is our first language. 

Resonating Connection

It can be explained through scientific principles, visualized through math, but ultimately, Music is a conversation we share, a story we spin, a memory held and preserved, carried from one generation to the next. 

Heritage and Tradition

Language is for expression. Music transcends culture, is unhindered by borders, and suspends our legacy in space, reaching through time.

A Universal Voice

Surrendering to the flow of the experiences of life, your instrument, a conduit for your story. Music is a method of communicating, able to be understood by all humans.

Through Each Generation

Music is our first language. We begin listening, responding, and correlating experiences and music, even prior to birth; we felt and experienced our own mother's response to music.


Fluency in Music comes just as fluency in any language, with immersion, opportunity, constructive response, and a safe place to explore and create the mental connections needed to be able to comprehend and converse. 

Freedom to Explore
Woven in Sound

And the music. The music is the wind that forever moves us, carrying us to where we've yet to be, and returns us to where we know we are. Listen.

At four, she is telling stories in the harmonies and sequences that suit her as she speaks in Music, and listens to its engaged response.

This is organic musical fluency development in action.

When we are learning a language, our most natural state of learning comes from observing, absorbing, experimenting, and exploring. We seek out responses, we attempt to share our thoughts and feelings, and crave the interaction and exchange. Thought after thought, strung together in a harmonic sequence of one moment to the next, recognizing the space between here, and when, there, and then.

We offer in-person and remote/online fluency sessions, where we learn to communicate and listen to one another in Music. 

Instruments are a lot like accents and dialects, all speaking the language of Music in their own way. Creating conversation in music is a form of expression available to us all, we just have to return to listening to our very first language-the language of frequency, and then begin to share our thoughts within those frequencies.