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Fluency Sessions

Fluency Sessions

Fluency Sessions | Experienced and New Musicians

Where the only box is the one in your hands, resonating with a pulse and breath, and a voice of its own

Discussion group presently forming to create in-person opportunities

If you’re interested in speaking Music with others, fluently and spontaneously, or maybe you just want to be able to play without memorizing, practicing, and rehearsing, you have something in common with us.

Maybe you have a sense there’s more to the music, more to how it comes together, how it’s created. Maybe you’re at the why of the how…

Perhaps you’ve years and years of experience, a thorough grasp of theory, and are proficient with your instrument. Satisfied? Any chance you have a hunch, an instinct, maybe it’s a longing for something more that you sense might be found within music?

We hold fluency sessions to cultivate your comfort and ease communicating within the language of Music, with the instrument of your choice (your voice included), and the story you wish to share. 

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