Consonance Studios


Music is a lesson given in the harmonies, the intrigue found in the spaces between, and the flow, the vibration that resonates within infinity

Just as each of us communicate in our own way in spoken language, we can uniquely communicate in Music. It is simply, a language.

Developing Awareness of the Anchor

Begin on C, play its 5th, G
Shift to G, play its 5th, D
Shift to D, play its 5th, A
Repeat until you reach C to G a few octaves above where you began.
Your 5th becomes your root at each shift.

Begin on C, play C (1), G (5), E (3).  This will sound like C major.
Shift to the third, in this case E. Play E (now as 1), B (now as 5), and G (now as three, but it will sound diminished within this sequence).
This will sound like E minor.

Your 5th becomes your 3rd at each subsequent shift, alternating the tonal relationship from a major to a minor set.

Begin on C, play C(1), A(6), E(3).
This will sound like A minor.

Make that 3 your new 1. Play E(1), C(6), G(3).
This will sound like C major.

In this limited sequence, notice the 6th will be your root.


The stories are all contained within us as one single tale, continually spun, and the land is our anchor.

Where water offers containment and passage, to embolden us to voyage and feed our curiosity, the music…

The music is the wind that forever moves us, carrying us to where we’ve yet to be, and returns us to where we know we are.


I can hear your voice soaring, coalescing with mine in harmony-with the sustained chorus that is our song.

All of us.