Consonance Studios


thrive in a collaborative environment of fellow musicians

A n opportunity for musicians and learners to come together, share with one another in a musically supportive environment, gain insight from each other’s experiences, receive focused guidance, and simply, collaborate.

We aim meet the need for a safe, relaxed haven for collaboration and learning

  • These sessions provide specific educational focuses, while offering participants the support and motivation to come together, hone their skills and understanding of the language of Music, and thrive in the music they collectively create.

Reach out for more details


  • Using the Circle of Music to Build Melody & Stories in Sound
  • We will discover the beauty and power of Musical DiceĀ 
  • Play with music/songs that you’ve never heard before, on the spot (improv, accompanying, solo)

Sunday, June 2 @ 3:30 pm
~ The Church Project ~

256 S Broadway Street, Monte
Come with a notebook, and song you want to spontaneously learn & play
Enter at the white door on the south side, we’ll be upstairs

Welcome to Our Community of Musicians
Let us know you're interested, any specific requests or hopes, and if you plan to join a session

Sessions are funded through your contributions

Your contributions to keep these sessions available are highly appreciated. Our focus is to bring Music to any who would find themselves drawn to this creative space. As such, we hope to make these sessions accessible to all.