Consonance Studios


Music is… Constant, and as integral as breathing

The thoughts carried in melody, the sensuality of harmony, and the complexity of the stories, coalesce in a pulse that resonates across time
Whether you’re wanting to learn an instrument, develop your ability to get the melodies in your head-out, or just gain a fluency and fluidity within music, we begin with exploration of our own frequencies, and remember how to communicate through sound.

Music is a language. It is our first language. We learn the language of Music well before we learn the language of Spoken Word. 

Music can be described through physics, explained through math, and understood universally because of emotion.

We can use the language of Music to express our thoughts and ideas, share experiences and memories, and tell our stories. 

Curious what organic language acquisition looks like in Music?

...She's composing a story here

Check soon for videos and commentary. We are actively building this site to provide relevant content as you share with us what you’re looking for. If you’d like a specific topic discussed, please send us a message.

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