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– We are the dreamers, the keepers…

A stream of consciousness composer…

My teen asked me the other day if I compose. She was looking for examples of “songs”, like what her father creates, that I’d written and published. I shared that over the years, I’ve written a few intentional songs, some lyrics, and many sequences, but that in general, not a lot of songs. As to whether I compose, the answer is yes. Constantly. It’s really all I do, but not in the sense of the typical definition. 

Years of exploring, happy to get my hands on any instrument floating by, I continue to learn and grow every day. Music is my first language, native and innate. When words are absent or simply not enough, the music comes and fills the spaces, embraces the silences, carries the fragile moments until they find their ground and take root, and celebrates all the stories we have to tell of this life.

For me, Music is not a thing to learn, a discipline to acquire, or an academic subject to master. Music is a language we’re all born with the ability to understand, experience, and become fully aware of.  Music is the language of being – in frequency. Music is in, and within everything. It is universal, across time and space, life and element, and the entire human race. Ask the trees. 

…the storytellers, the melody spinners