Music is…

A language
with words
that every human
can understand

We are born with both a need, and the ability to communicate. It is as integral to our existence as nourishment. Our spoken languages have evolved over time to suit our needs to coordinate with one another for the purpose of the survival of the species. In Music, we share life through composition in sound. Harmonies linked together, allowing us to navigate a web of experiences, connecting all of us to each other.

Music is a language, a form of expression, that exists within each of us regardless of age, education, or region.

When we become fluent, we are able to articulate our thoughts effectively. We are able to engage with others, perceive and receive expression, determine concepts, motives, preferences, needs, and ultimately, we take in the story and it becomes a part of us. We are also able to offer our perspective, request that our needs be addressed, share our ideas, and offer our story for others to experience in their own way.
This, all of it and more, is the purpose of communicating.

Music is communication without borders or barriers, without the challenges we face with our spoken languages.

– Acquiring fluency in Music, much like a very new human acquires spoken language, is a process of absorption, mimicry, and connection –

Often in our cultures, we approach music as an academic practice, rather than a language, and this creates limitations and challenges that would otherwise be non-existent. When we turn all our focus to delivery, we loose the content, and without the content, there is little of substance to deliver. Many musicians find themselves with the belief that music is finite, created by the few, reproduced by plenty, perfectly reproduced by only a minority, and is something that some “they” decide is “right” or “good”. Like art, Music becomes a commodity that is held or possessed, and the ability to do something with it takes on a characteristic of exclusivity. When in reality, music is not something we do, but a component of what we are. We are beings that, like all that lives, survive because of our ability to communicate with one another.

Music is simply, wonderfully, an intimate and universally understood component to that communication.